Because everyone needs wet sexy Kili on their dash ^^

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She’s 67 years old. What kind of sorcery is this? #9gag


She’s 67 years old. What kind of sorcery is this? #9gag

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Sometimes I’m Ernie. Sometimes I’m Bert.

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hannibal lecter + alcohol

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The Lannisters were an old family, tracing their descent back to Lann the Clever, a trickster from the Age of Heroes who was no doubt as legendary as Bran the Builder, though far more beloved of singers and taletellers. In the songs, Lann was the fellow who winkled the Casterlys out of Casterly Rock with no weapon but his wits, and stole gold from the sun to brighten his curly hair.

Preasoiaf meme2 stories about the founding of a house [1/2] → Lann the Clever and House Lannister

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You like killing things, Orc?
You like death?
Then let me give it to you! 

for nibi-nix \(*^▽^*)/

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Oh, shut up, you little fool. Praying for the gods to have mercy on us all? The gods have no mercy, that’s why they’re gods. My father told me that when he caught me praying. My mother had just died, you see. I didn’t really understand the concept of death. The finality of it. I thought if I prayed very very hard, the gods would return her to me.

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Dark Arts exhibit, WB Studio Tour

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*hears one second of sound from a lotr movie* are you watching lord of the rings

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